Computer not switched off by Ubuntu

My laptop runs Ubuntu ‘Intrepid Ibex’ 8.10. Sometimes, my laptop does not switch off after pressing the power button or clicking the ‘shutdown’ option. The laptop makes an attempt to close all proceses, but after the Ubuntu splash screen, a blikking cursor remains instead of a dead laptop., I read a post from someone with the same problem and I solved it using his instructions:

  1. Type ifconfig in a terminal. Write down the names of all interfaces (like eth0, wlan0, wmaster, etc). Maybe you have more. Ignore the ‘lo’ interface.
  2. Open the file /etc/init.d/alsa-utils by typing the command sudo gedit /etc/init.d/alsa-utils. Near line 353, you will see a line containing stop). For every interface you have, add the following lines:
    ifconfig eth0 down
    ifconfig wlan0 down


  3. The file will look like this:
    	ifconfig wlan0 down
    	ifconfig eth0 down

Save the file, and hopefully your computer will power down again!


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