Add POIs to Nokia Maps 2.0

Nokia has been present on the GPS market for some time, and a half year ago the company launched their own Nokia Maps 2.0: it runs on Nokia mobile phones and, in contrary to other products, you pay for using the program – all maps are free.
If you start Nokia Maps 2.0, there is no option to import landmarks (favorites) into the program. However, I did succeed in loading the POIs!


  1. Download POIs
  2. Convert to .lmx
  3. Copy to phone and import

Download POIs

To load your POIs into Nokia Mpas 2.0, you first have to download the POIs (of course :-). You’ll need GPSbabel ( to convert the POIs to the desired Nokia Maps format.

After installing GPSbabel, copy your POI file to the installation map of GPSbabel. As most POIs on the internet are available in the TomTom binary .ov2 format, I will use that format in this small tutorial. I also provide commands for the .gpx format.

Convert to .lmx

Start the command line (cmd.exe) and navigate to your GPSbabel directory. Convert your .ov2 file by entering the command:

gpsbabel -i tomtom -o lmx poi.ov2 poi.lmx

If you have a .gpx file:

gpsbabel -i gpx -o kml poi.gpx poi.kml
gpsbabel -i kml -o lmx poi.kml poi.lmx

Copy to phone and import

The file is converted to .lmx now, which is the format used by Nokia Maps 2.0. Copy the file to the memory card of your phone.

On your phone, navigate to the file (by using a file browser like X-plore) and open it. The program lmkmsgviewer (Landmark Messager Viewer) starts and shows all POIs.
Choose ‘Save’ –> ‘All places’ and the POIs will show up in your Nokia Maps 2.0. They are stored as favorites.

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